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Head mounted intelligent monitoring system,Principle and application of angle sensor

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The angle sensor adopts high-performance intelligent integrated magnetic sensitive element to convert mechanical rotation or angular displacement into electrical signal output for non-contact measurement. The product has no contact, no noise, high sensitivity, high repeatability, near infinite rotation life and good high-frequency response characteristics. It has strong environmental applicability and can be used in harsh industrial environments such as water, oil, steam, dust, high and low temperature, vibration and shock. 360 ° absolute position measurement is an ideal product to replace optical encoder, resolver and conductive plastic potentiometer. It is widely used in the measurement and monitoring system of industrial automation, especially in the occasions where the machinery changes frequently, the environment is bad, and the sensor requires long service life and high reliability. Specifically used in aviation, electronics, machinery, textile, shipbuilding, metallurgy and other industries.

Shaft angle sensor hollow angle sensor

The angle sensor (encoder) is based on the principle of magnetic sensitivity. A magnetic circuit generator is placed at the rotating end. When the rotating shaft rotates, the direction of the magnetic field rotates, which then has an impact on the magnetic sensitive element fixed on the circuit board. After the processing of the integrated circuit, this small impact becomes a voltage signal or current signal that can be recognized by the electronic instrument and output to the host computer system.

The VTA / D series angle sensor developed according to the above principle integrates the chip into the signal at the output end of the circuit board, and then uses the microprocessor for secondary processing, so as to diversify the models, make it easier to be recognized by the instrument, and make the signal more accurate after secondary correction, so as to improve the accuracy of the angle sensor. The sensor shell is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which makes the sensor work stably in the high vibration and impact working environment, and greatly improves the service performance and field of the sensor.

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